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How to have a Strong Marriage?

Below, are some of the habits need to be adopted by the every successful couples which are significant gestures they can incorporate in their daily lives.

Love, kindness, gift and trust:  For any successful relationship there must true love among the spouse, commitment for each other and trustworthiness between them.

Women should be greeting spouse daily in the morning: The wife must make the regularly greeting and taking care of their spouse, children and all his belongings either he is around or otherwise.

Touching spouse during meal time: Usually men need to be touching some part of their body by their spouse while they are eating dinner together, make it a point to touch your partner. You might touch their hand or arm, or your legs might touch.

Spouse should Complement the efforts of each at the end of every blessing day: Try in as much as possible to complement your many marriages, Bush said, suffer from chronic under-appreciation.

Feel each other’s breath: The spouses should keep on putting their hands on each other’s chest or stomach and sense theirs partner’s breathing together at least for one minute. Some partners also observation into each other’s eyes for some times.

Caring, listening and response to her complaint: Taking your spouse to restaurant, shopping and tour frequently and stay away from any office work and give all your concentration.

Send a suitable text massages: Both of them should keep on sending a suitable text messages especially when a husband away from the home he will be very happier to have this kind of gesture and sign of caring from his wife because this will alert him that, his wife is always thinking of him.

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